Jane O'Brien and Beth Moyer give presentations at the national American Occupational Therapy Association Annual Conference

posted May 26, 2010, 6:05 AM by Sherri DeFilipp

The following presentations were made at the national American Occupational Therapy Association annual conference in Orlando, Florida April 28 – May 2.

Using Therapeutic Reasoning To Apply the Model of Human Occupation in Pediatric Occupational Therapy Practice  by Jane O’Brien, Libby Asselin, Katie Fortier, Robin Janzegers, Beverly Lagueux,  & Cailin Silcox  (OT Class of 2009) (accepted for publication in Occupational Therapy in Early Intervention and Schools).

Fitness, You, and Nutrition (FUN): A Program To Encourage Healthy Habits in 3rd and 4th Graders by Jane O’Brien, Courtney Craib, Kira Keough, Lindsey Holmes, Loren LePage, & Erin O’Brien (OT Class of 2010)

Effectiveness of a Short Term Occupational Therapy Program on Cognitive and Perceptual Deficits in Persons with Parkinson’s Disease by Beth Moyer,  Kelly Cowan (Class of 2010) Erin Herlihy, Lyndsey Mignault (Class of 2009).

The following poster presentation was made at the 15th World Federation for Occupational Therapy Association conference in Santiago, Chile May 5th:  Using Theoretical Models to Share and Reflect on the Practice of Occupational Therapy in the World by Jane O’Brien, Patty Bowyer, Gary Kielhofner and Renee Taylor. Dr. Bowyer is Associate Professor at Texas Women’s University; Dr. Kielhofner and Dr. Taylor are Associate Professors at University of Illinois at Chicago.