Faculty begin semester in Israel with 350 RN students

posted Feb 25, 2010, 7:14 AM by rbuhr@une.edu

UNE's Nursing Baccalaureate Completion Program in Tel Aviv, Israel, began the semester with approximately 350 RN students who will graduate at the end of 2010, if they complete the program as scheduled. 

The faculty include: Charles W. Ford, Ph.D., professor of health sciences, is now in his tenth year of working in the spring semester in Israel.  He is joined by Amy Lippmann, RN, LP.D., a program graduate in 1999 and assistant professor of Health Services Management who teaches in both the U.S. in Portland and in Israel.  They are joined by returning adjunct faculty member Matthew Stiers, LP.D., a medical educator from Columbus, Ohio, who has worked internationally developing and conducting health-care educational conferences and programs.