Amy Deveau presents research seminar at Colby with contributions by students and other faculty

posted Mar 17, 2010, 8:49 AM by

adeveauAmy Deveau, Ph.D., associate professor in the Department of Chemistry & Physics and member of the Center for Excellence in the Neurosciences, delivered a seminar on March 12, 2010 at Colby College titled "Addicted to Medicinal Chemistry!: Progress in the Synthesis and Structural Evaluation of Biologically Interesting Naltrexol Derivatives." The research presented featured recent contributions by UNE undergraduate students Elizabeth Andrews ('10, Biochem/Med Bio), Paul Fitz-Morris ('11, Biochem), Tanya Lawrence ('11, Biochem/Med Bio), Andrea Pelotte ('09, Biochem/Med Bio), Jen Bayron (Biochem/Med Bio), as well as UNE-COM student David Martin ('12).  The presentation also featured collaborations with the laboratories of Drs. John Stubbs (assistant professor, chemistry & physics, UNE), Edward Bilsky (rofessor of pharmacology, UNECOM), Richard Rothman (chief of clinical psychopharmacology, National Institute on Drug Abuse), and Wolfgang Sadee (chair of pharmacology, Ohio State University).  

Dr. Deveau's research students Elizabeth Andrews, Paul Fitz-Morris and Michelle Forbes ('12, Med Bio/Env. Science) joined her on the trip to tour the NSF-funded X-Ray Crystallography facility housed at the Colby Chemistry Department and attend the seminar.