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Shared Calendars

About Shared Calendars

The Shared Calendars page on MyUNE is the place to find Calendars that members of the UNE community have elected to share with others.  You can add your Calendar to this list by completing this form; after reviewing for completeness, your Calendar will appear here. 
You should not submit your personal Calendar to this list
- only submit Calendars you wish to share with the UNE community or with the world!

Calendar Submission Form

To add a friend's calendar

To add a friend's calendar, use the Calendar ID (email address) for the Calendar you wish to add and follow these steps:
  • At the bottom of the 'Other Calendars' list on the left side of your Google Calendar page, enter the appropriate Calendar ID (found below, in the form of an email address) in the Add a friend's calendar field provided, then click Add.  The calendar will then appear under 'Other Calendars' in the left column.

 Calendar Name
 Calendar Description
 Calendar ID
Google Apps Transition Calendar

Calendar of training events and outreach sessions for the Google Apps transition.
UNE Holidays    

Calendar of official holidays at UNE.  Based on the Human Resources calendar found at

Biddeford Campus Life
Campus Life Team calendar for Biddeford Campus.

Portland Campus Life

Portland Campus Life calendar.


Athletics calendar.