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Voting on November 3rd (Information for In and Out of State Students)

posted Oct 8, 2009, 12:33 PM by Angela Shambarger
Both In and Out-of-state students who are 18 and can produce a utility bill or some other documentation indicating they reside in Biddeford while they are students may register to vote in Maine elections.  (please note, out-of state students should check with Financial Aid if they are concerned about how registering to vote in Maine might impact their Financial Aid from their home state.)

Students may get to the polls on Voting Day by either taking the UNE Shuttle Bus (just let the driver know that's where you want to go) or there may be student groups running shuttles as well.  If a student wants to register BEFORE Voting Day see instructions below

5 Simple Rules to Early Voting

1. Maine is a no fault absentee state and any registered voter is eligible to vote early.

2. Students can register to vote using their UNE campus address from now right up to closing time on Election Day.

a. Bring:

i. A license or other government ID and;

ii. Proof of residency (mail addressed to you - but not to a P.O. box or cell phone bill)

iii. OR, you can sign a sworn statement of residency at the polls

3. You can go to your town clerk and vote in-person starting Oct. 15!

a. A voter can go to their town clerk’s office and vote in person during business hours to cast their ballot Oct 3rd – November 3rd.

i. Town Clerk’s Office – 205 Main St, Biddeford, ME

ii. Student Polling Place November 3rd 15 Columbus Way, Biddeford, ME

4. All ballots must be returned to the town clerk before the close of business on the day before the election, i.e. November 2nd, or to the polling place by 8:00pm on Election Day. (If you are mailing in a ballot, make sure you have plenty of time to get it to the clerk.)

5. If a voter has received an early ballot, they are not eligible to vote at the polls on Nov. 4th

a. If a voter decided to vote at the polls after receiving their ballot, they must bring the ballot to the polling station with them, and surrender it before voting at the poll. Voters can not vote at the town clerks office on Election Day.