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posted Sep 23, 2011, 12:20 PM by David Russell
Bookstore Greetings Folks,
We will be celebrating the first annual "National Student Day" on October 6th. The bookstores will offer 20% off on one clothing or gift item of your choice. Read below to find out more about the national celebration but most importantly don't forget to visit the bookstore on October 6th and get your discount!

Join the celebration on Oct. 6.
National Student Day will hold its first annual event on Oct. 6, 2011. Show up at participating college stores to celebrate your volunteer efforts - AND get your discount!

The goal of this day is to celebrate and promote social responsibility by students across North America! Do you volunteer as a Big Brother or Sister? Help out at a homeless shelter? Are you looking to find ways to give back to society and others? Then this day is for YOU! Your college store wants to recognize the good deeds you do - and encourage your peers who might be looking for a gentle push towards helping others.

Look no farther. is your online hub for information about volunteerism, links to social media, and a way to win BIG. College stores will act as the physical location for the main event.

Just go here, create a login to register, and post an example of how you give back to your community. Students will be able to submit text, photos, drawings, or video. Then urge your friends to vote for you. Spread the word via YouTube, Facebook and Twitter to capture the most votes and win! The 10 most popular examples of student volunteerism will win prizes ranging from scholarships to iPads.

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