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The Thin Line- Eating Disorders

posted Mar 24, 2010, 5:47 AM by Danielle StOnge

Date: Tuesday 3/30/10
Time: 7pm
Location: Ludcke Auditorium @ UNE Portland Campus

* Parking available on Stevens Avenue, at the armory next door and at the
church across the street.

A powerful play that breaks the silence on eating disorders.
*The Thin Line* is an effective, engaging, and results-based solution that
uses live theater to break the silence on eating disorders, reduce the
stigma surrounding mental illness, and pave the way to prepare adolescents
for the intense pressure of high school and college. The program helps begin
the conversation about eating disorders by illustrating the pain of one
girl’s struggle and her loved ones’ resolve to understand and to help.
Characters include (in order of appearance): Cindy, a friend; Ellen, a girl
struggling with an eating disorder; Ellen’s negative voice; and Ellen’s mo

Sponsored by:

WGST Department
English Department