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SWOOP Days: Go Green - Then Go Home!

posted May 2, 2011, 2:21 PM by
SWOOP Days is the end-of-year collection process during Move-Out for BC Residential students.  Rather than throwing clothes, bedding, furniture, small appliances, etc in the dumpsters, we encourage you to recycle these materials.  Donating them to a good cause is even better than recycling!

Please bring any clothes, furniture, small appliances, non-perishable foods,
etc. that you no longer need or want to your designated collection location
listed below during finals week (May 9th through May 13th).  This keeps
perfectly good, usable material our of the dumpsters and supports Goodwill,
which helps those in need in our community.

SWOOP Days Collection Locations - May 9th through May 13th!*

  - East Commuter Lounge  - for East, West and Freddy
  - Champlain Lounge - just for Champlain
  - Avila Mailroom - for Avila, Sienna and Padua
  - Assisi Lounge - just for Assisi
  - Featherman Lobby - just for Featherman
  - Sokokis Lounge - just for Sokokis