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Student Trustee-Elects: Two Students Elected to Serve UNE and Their Peers

posted Apr 12, 2011, 12:51 PM by Angela Shambarger

 Student Trustee-Elects: Two Students Elected to Serve UNE and Their Peers

Two students who have recently been selected as Student Trustee-Elects will serve as Student Trustees for the 2011-2012 academic year. The Representative Council (a committee comprised of the two current Student Trustees along with selected leaders of the three UNE student government organizations) recommended Brandon Hotham to be the Student Trustee-Elect for the Biddeford Campus and Alexandra Malinowski to be the Student Trustee-Elect for the Portland Campus. Following a process of peer evaluation, professional references, and a formal interview with the Representatives Council, the two candidates were recommended to the Board of Trustees and approved as Student Trustees-Elect at the meeting on March 12, 2011. Beginning after the May meeting of the Board of Trustees, these two students will have full voting privileges on the University of New England Board of Trustees.

The role of the Student Trustee provides an enhanced student perspective to the Board and  facilitates interactions between and within each campus. In order to accomplish this goal, Brandon and Alex will receive training from the two current Student Trustees, John Johnson, Jr., second year College of Osteopathic Medicine student representing the Biddeford Campus, and Emily Bourret, second-year College of Pharmacy student representing the Portland Campus, for the remainder of the year to assist in their transition.


Brandon Hotham is a well-known leader on the Biddeford Campus.  A member of the undergraduate Class of 2012, Brandon is double majoring in Psychology and English and Language Studies.  He was selected and has served as a Resident Advisor (RA) for two years, and as a film maker/web designer for the Department of English and Language Studies.  He has been an actor and production worker for the UNE Players, an Undergraduate Student Government representative, an Orientation Leader and Editor-In-Chief of the Nor’easter News, UNE’S student newspaper.  He is a Dean’s List student who has received numerous awards.  His stated goals as a Student Trustee include strengthening connections between College student populations and increasing student awareness of the important role of the Board of Trustees.


Alexandra Malinowski, member of the Class of 2014 in the College of Pharmacy, graduated from Virginia Commonwealth University with a degree in Biology and Chemistry.  She has worked at Childrens Hospital Boston as a Sterile Products and Investigational Drug Specialty Technician and is a nationally certified Pharmacy Technician. During her undergraduate years she served as a Training Coordinator for Walgreens Corporation.  Alex wasted no time in assuming leadership roles at UNE including that of Class Treasurer on the Executive Board of the College of Pharmacy Class of 2014 and co-chairing the “Generation Rx” program of the American Pharmacists Association Academy of Student Pharmacists.    As a student trustee, Alex hopes to improve collaborative education and experience in the classroom and in the community between interdisciplinary health professions.


Both Alex and Brandon are looking forward to their roles in representing students, strengthening connections across UNE’s  colleges, and participating in the planning and decision-making processes for the University


Please join us in congratulating these two exceptional students as they assume the responsibilities of Student Trustee-Elect.

Angela Shambarger,
Apr 12, 2011, 12:57 PM