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Reopened Class: BIO 421B Conservation & Ecology of the Caribbean w? Tobago Field Lab

posted Dec 2, 2009, 8:32 AM by Angela Shambarger

The class Conservation and Ecology of the Caribbean  BIO 421B has been reopened in a different time slot.  The lecture meets during the semester but the class will culminate in a field lab on the Caribbean island of Tobago where we will visit bird sanctuaries, high a tropical rainforest, and snorkel on tropical reefs to name just a few of the labs.


BIO 421B - Conservation Ecology of the Caribbean: This course will cover topics such as the history and geology of the Caribbean with an emphasis on Trinidad and Tobago, terrestrial, island and marine biodiversity, and the ecology and evolution of populations. We will also discuss the impact of an agriculturally based economy versus a tourist economy on the environment in general and the reef in particular. We will discuss NGOs and examine some international environmental treaties as well as focus on particular national and international conservation approaches using the Caribbean as an example. Other topics include community-based management and local wildlife policies as well as study the history of the establishment of a rainforest as a natural preserve. The prerequisites are Bio 100 and 101.