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RecycleMania final week - Food Waste Reduction and Composting

posted Apr 4, 2012, 12:24 PM by Angela Shambarger
Dear Biddeford Campus Students:

This marks the final week of RecycleMania! 

The theme for this week is FOOD WASTE REDUCTION and COMPOSTING.

Did you know that the food waste from Decary Dining Hall is given to a local farmer to feed his pigs?  While this is a sustainable alternative to throwing the food waste away at UNE,
you can do your part to reduce the amount of food waste in the dining hall:

  • *Take only what you are going to eat
  • *Don't use a tray - it's too easy to overload it and then waste food
  • *Think: portion control

Additionally, composting is a great option for all of us at home.  Food scraps and yard waste constitute roughly  30% of the waste stream in the US.
Here is a link for some great composting tips, including:

"The microbes responsible for breaking down your compost pile need a balanced diet of nitrogen and carbon. Nitrogen comes from green materials such as food scraps, manure, and grass clippings. Carbon comes from brown materials such as dead leaves, hay, wood chips and shredded newspaper. A ratio that contains equal portions by weight (not volume) of both works best."

You can share specific waste reduction strategies if you'd like by writing to the Eco-Reps at

UNE's Eco-Rep Team and

Alethea Cariddi, MS Ed
Sustainability Coordinator
University of New England