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It's the 5th Week of RecycleMania: REUSE

posted Mar 8, 2012, 11:52 AM by Angela Shambarger
This marks the fifth week of RecycleMania! 

Last week, we produced approximately 16,942 pounds of trash and recycled approximately 2,070 pounds of cardboard.  This means that we reduced our waste by about 700 pounds from last week.  This is better, but we can still improve!

The theme for this week is REUSE.

Here are a few reminders about simple things you can reuse:

- Wash your dishes, even the plastic cutlery. 
- Don't forget your reusable water bottle! 
- Use a travel mug or ceramic mug instead of a paper cup for hot beverages - look for more opportunities to use the "Ugly Mugs" in Decary Cafe if you forgot yours.
- Don't forget a reusable shopping bag at the store! 
- Use fabric towels and rags instead of using paper towels

And here are a few suggestions for those who already do all of the above

- Use yogurt and cream cheese containers for leftovers
- Cut up old T-shirts, curtains, sheets or pillows for rags
- Put hair clippings in old pantyhose and hang around fruit trees to deter deer
- Small jars and pots can be reused for odds and ends
- Old CDs can be used to catch candle drips
- Do an internet search for crafty ways to reuse household items - you'll be amazed what others have discovered!

You can share specific waste reduction strategies if you'd like by writing to the Eco-Reps at

UNE's Eco-Rep Team and
Alethea Cariddi, MS Ed
Sustainability Coordinator
University of New England