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Fall Laboratory Safety Lecture Schedule, 2009

posted Sep 1, 2009, 12:22 PM by

From:    Dan Callahan
To:         CAS Faculty and Students


Any student scheduled for a CAS science laboratory and for certain Art classes and who has not documented their attendance at a lab safety lecture within the past twelve months must attend one now.

The lectures begin Wednesday, September 9th at the following times and places:

Biddeford Campus:

             Day & Time of lecture                            Where   

       Wednesday (Sep 9) at 9:00 am    St. Francis   
       Wednesday (Sep 9) at 12:00 noon    Morgane 116 and 122
       Wednesday (Sep 9) at 3:00 pm    St. Francis
       Thursday (Sep 10) at 2:00 pm    St. Francis and Alfond 113
       Thursday (Sep 10) at 3:00 pm    St. Francis
       Friday (Sep 11) at 10:00 am    St. Francis
       Friday (Sep 11) at 12:00 noon    St. Francis and Alfond 113
       Monday (Sep 14) at 8:00 am    St. Francis
       Monday (Sep 14) at 9:00 am    St. Francis
       Monday (Sep 14) at 12:00 noon    DeCary Cafeteria Fx Rooms 1 and 2   

Westbrook Campus:
       Thursday (Sep 10) at 9:30 am    Blewett 115
       Thursday (Sep 10) at 12:00 noon    Blewett 115
       Friday (Sep 11) at 2:00 pm    Blewett 115
       Friday (Sep 11) at 3:00 pm    Blewett 115

If you cannot attend at one of these times, then contact Dan Callahan via e-mail, or drop by his office in Morgane 203.

Those who attended in January or this Summer (2009) are exempt until their twelve month anniversary.  Those who attended last Fall, or are new to the system, do need to attend one of the above.

2.  Attendance is a yearly requirement and is mandatory for all laboratory students who will be working with hazardous materials including Art students.  Any one of the 14 scheduled lectures may be attended.  If none of the above times fit into their schedules, then they must contact me to make other arrangements.  They should make every effort to satisfy this requirement before attending their first laboratory session, or as soon thereafter as possible.  According to the "letter of the law" their presence in a CAS laboratory is illegal until they have fulfilled this requirement.

3.  The lecture lasts about 35 minutes.